Colosseo Maxi Earrings

$195.00 USD

Make a statement with our colosseum-inspired hoop earrings. Now available in:

  • Silver with White Gold Vermeil
  • Silver With Yellow Gold Vermeil

I’m an avid traveller, but only few places are especially dear to my heart, Rome certainly being at the top of the list. The eternal city and its rich history along with vibrant eclectic architecture has been captivating dreamers from all over the world for a long time. Through the centuries, contemporary civilization looked back to Rome for cultural guidance. With Via Baccina, the historical goldsmiths street of Rome, located a few hundred meters away from Colosseum, I could easily envision this collection coming to life. Inspired by the famous ancient amphitheater, Colosseo Collection is meant to be worn with confidence of a true warrior. 

Much like Rome centuries ago, New York is considered the capital of the world. Which is why Colloseo Collection is especially loved by my fellow New Yorkers. 

They are 2.25 inch in total diameter.
Constructed by 6 mm thick bars.

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