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Travel Collection

Travel Collection

"Traveling has always been an essential part of my creative process when developing a new collection. To quote Henry Miller, “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” New experiences challenge your view, enhancing your understanding and perspective on things, as well as ignite your imagination in most unimaginable ways. Traveling not only makes you a better human, but a better artist! Be it en route to the airport, or having lunch after morning sightseeing, or exploring art galleries or browsing at flee markets, I never part with my sketch book. Inspiration doesn’t know the difference between business hours and down time! Composed of stylistically diverse items, this is a very personal collection of travel memories. With each piece inspired by a place especially dear to my heart, it brings adventurous spirit to everyday life,” Sara Shala, Founder and CEO of Sara Shala Jewelry

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