The Brand

Located in the heart of the famous Diamond District, Sara Shala creates jewelry inspired by New York’s tapestry of cultures and lifestyles. Built on appreciation for traditional craftsmanship and high-tech production, Sara Shala Design is an epitome of exquisite elegance. Designed to be passed down for generations, each piece symbolizes timeless femininity and grace.

Combining bold architectural elements and historical influences with delicate yet empowering aesthetic, pieces tell a story. Minimalistic with an emphasis on texture and detail, Sara Shala Design infuses your personal style with effortless confidence.

Our Process

Our story starts with an idea that is
translated into a sketch.

“I design jewelry with the method of 3D printing, as well as traditional handcrafting techniques. What makes Sara Shala Design so special is that we are able to take the vision from the first sketch to a final polish all under one roof. I love being in control of the process, and make sure each step is handled with careful consideration and meticulous detail. At Sara Shala, we cherish traditional craftsmanship required to make true fine jewelry. This is why we pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with our artisans and suppliers,”

Sara Shala, The Founder of Sara Shala Design

Our Stones

Conflict-free Diamonds: At Sara Shala, we work with ethically-sourced stones certified according to the Kimberley Process (KPCS), an internationally recognized certification system that prevents conflict diamonds from entering legitimate trade.

Cultivated Diamonds: Depending on the clients’ preferences and the unique design of each piece, we also work with cultivated or lab-grown diamonds. Chemically, physically and optically identical to naturally-mined diamonds, each stone is unique, based on the slither it was grown from.

Metals: At Sara Shala, we always strive to execute our designs with the use of the best materials available in the marketplace. From silver and gold-plated pieces to designs in precious sunny-yellow 14k gold or fine platinum, Sara Shala creates jewelry for a lifetime of daily wear.

Our Packaging

The future of fashion is revolutionary to our world. Our ethical values are transcendental for our brand. 

Sara Shala Design creates boxes made of 100% recycled materials with the purpose of reducing waste. 

Inside your Sara Shala box you will recieve a jewelry cushion and an anti-tarnish pouch which are carefully designed for you to carry everywhere you go.