Cannes Earrings

$250.00 USD

Glam up with the Cannes earrings from Sara Shala! Add a pinch of playfulness to your everyday look with a statement pair.

Everybody who traveled Cote d'Azur knows that the glamour of Cannes night life simply cannot be matched! Cannes have long been romanticized by artists and celebrities traveling to the South of France to rest up and get inspired, and I am not exception. Whether you're drinking coffee with fresh-out-of-the-oven croissants or going to a yacht party, do it with style! This pair was created to remind you of summer even in the middle of the coldest winter, and make your smile shine just a little bit brighter.

Total of 55 Zirconia Stones each measuring 1.3mm in diameter

Dimensions is 2.5 inch long and is 1.3 mm thick

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